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Monthly Meeting: Second Monday of each month at 2:00 pm - Pocatello Senior Citizens Activity Center - Bonneville Room 437 No. 6th Ave.

Guest speakers and programs on subjects of interest to participants. Announcements etc.

Weekly Exercise Activities:

Poky4Parkys boxercise classes – each week on Monday at 5:30 pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 9:00 am – Pocatello Senior Citizens Activity Center

Fremont Street entrance.

Non contact boxing and exercise. - depending on instructor.

Move and Shout exercise class – each week on Wednesday at 5:30 pm – Pocatello Senior Citizens Activity Center - Fremont Street entrance.

Exercise type dependent on available instructors, will usually be program from internet.

Therapeutic dance class for movement disorders – every Friday at 6:00 pm – 416 West Lewis – parking lot entrance.

Dance movements in response to voice commands.

Who should attend:

Individuals with Parkinson’s or related movement disorders and/or family/caregivers.


To provide information, education, opportunities for appropriate exercise, and support through collaboration with the medical field, caregivers, and individuals with PD or related movement disorders.

Contact information:

Spencer at (208) 604-3393 or, Kris at (208) 760-7328 or, or Dean at (208) 680-6659 or

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