Wednesday, June 12, 2019

June 11 Move and Shout class

The class was held today with two new people, one of them from MonteVista Healthcare Center. Dean Hazen didn't make it but he had a cold and got busy doing yard work. He'll be here in the future. We had a good class.

June 6 Dance class for therapy

We got off to a bit of a slow start for this class. The only ones who came were regular dancers from Steve Sullivan's group. However there was one Parkinson's person, two with Essential Tremors, and one other dancer with physical limitations. There were enough regular dancers who came to assist with the dancing that we were able to do regular squares. More will come in future weeks as the word gets out, I'm sure as they have been asking about the location etc.

June 4 Move and Shout class

We started our Move and Shout class today using the CD. Dean Hazen and I were the only ones there but we both enjoyed the class and felt it was a good and beneficial exercise class. We planned to continue the class with a possible rotation of the CD classes. The Power for Parkinson's group also has many classes on U-tube. See you next week.

June 10 Monthly Meeting Chris Owens Pharm.D

Our regular meeting on June 10 was also a very good meeting Chris Owens gave an excellent presentation on Parkinsonism and the medications used for the treatment of symptoms of Parkinson's. He had a handout that he gave us rather than a slide show presentation. It contained much good information about the medications and their uses in treatment. This meeting again was well attended with some new people as well.

June 3 extra presentation Patrick Nicholson MD

As Dr. Nicholson wasn't able to meet with us at our regular time, we held this extra meeting at 7:00 pm on Monday June 3. He gave an excellent presentation on Parkinson's and other movement disorders. There were many questions and we ended up staying after the regular meeting time. We had good attendance and everyone seemed to enjoy the presentation. A precursor to a start of some exciting happenings with our group with the launch of two exercise classes.

May 13 Monthly Meeting Kathy Olson, RN

We had an excellent meeting with Kath Olson today, everyone seemed to enjoy the activities and participated. She gave us information on Yoga as a benefit for Parkinson's patients. As she had reviewed the Move and Shout exercise material for me previously she conducted the exercises we did today like Move and Shout. As stated before everyone who was there participated and seemed to really enjoy the activity. We had a good number of people in attendance. It was a good meeting.